Who ?
What ?
When ? 

Everybody that wants to enjoy, and spend great time with friends, family, team coworkers. Couples or teams of up to 32.

Excellent consolidation and team work activity.

Why ?

This game is addictive.

Enter the escape room and become eager solve riddles and puzzles in order to succeed and escape. Cracking fun puzzles, cooperation, team work and success in the game is not over and continues on the way home and in the car sharing the experiences long after the game is over!

What's happening here?

Once entering the room you have 60 minutes. To go from one stage to another you must solve puzzles and complete missions.

No need to be a genius, knowledge of foreign languages or skilled in any field. All you need is to be creative and daring.


Think you've seen everything??

You haven't  !!!

Simple and easy.

Pick the best date and time in the calendar attached. Save your time slote to arrive and enjoy. 60 minutes of real role play experience. Great for birthday celebrations. You can give the adventure as a gift certificate.

Where ?

Where are we?

Ha'uman 22 Street



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