The Great Jailbreak

The greatest challenge, successfully escape from prison within 60 minutes!

Solve all puzzles and escape with the big secret in hand.

The Great Jailbreak escape room is inspired by quest games

 from the nineties and contains locks, puzzles and tasks.

In Jerusalem's Escape Rooms there is no need for general knowledge, languages ​​or high mathematics.

In our escape rooms you'll need creative thinking, teamwork, intuition and motivation

The Great Jailbreak is  a classic escape room and contains all the ingredients.

 The emphasis in The Great Jailbreak is on creative thinking – out of the box thinking.

The Great Jailbreak Escape Room story

After a long stay, your relative , Don Corleone,  disappeared.

Only you know that he left a series of clues that solves the mystery of his disappearance

Hurry up, you have 60 minutes to crack the mystery before the shift ends

טלפון חדרי בריחה.png

2 - 7  people

60 minutes

Cash only paymant

No credit card accepted 

                       Sun - Wen    Thu - Sat

2  people        220 ns            240 ns

3  people        300 ns            330 ns

4  people        380 ns            400 ns

5  people        450 ns            475 ns

6  people        540 ns            570 ns

7  people        630 ns            665 ns

Rates during holidays and school vacations are as weekends.

רכישת שוברי מתנה של חדרי הבריחה של ירושלים

Recommended for children up to age 12 to be accompanied by an adult

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