The Trip

The Trip starts ..... N O W !!

Think you know how it starts, maybe.

You don't know how it ends for sure.

Some of you will survive it .....most of you won't.

The Trip escape room is inspired by adventure books and films and contains puzzles and missions.

here is no need for general knowledge, languages ​​or high mathematics in Jerusalem's Escape Rooms.

In our escape rooms you'll need creative thinking, teamwork, intuition and motivation

The Trip escape room contains all the components.

The emphasis in The Trip escape room is on team work - cooperation.

The Trip escape room story

During a tour of Central America you entered a Mayan tribe pyramid.

Despite instructions and warnings, by mistake or perhaps not ... You touched an ancient totem.

And now you are trapped inside the pyramid.

Hurry up, you have 60 minutes before the pyramid collapses

טלפון חדרי בריחה.png

5 - 8  people

Minimum 5 participants

Recommended that four of the participants be above age 12. 

60 minutes

Cash only paymant

No credit card accepted 

 Price per    Sun - Wen    Thu - Sat

 person            90 ns            100 ns


Rates during holidays and school vacations are as weekends.

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