About Us

We are Escape Games addicts, we played countless Escape Games and still play, with and without children. The idea to take the game from the computer and make it a reality charmed us. Solving puzzles and riddles in actual reality, succeeding in escaping out of the room are a dream made reality in every sense of the word.

About The Game

Escape Games are a huge phenomenon that took the world by storm. Millions of players worldwide. Role playing and entrance into the story are the unique elements of the game. Although the riddles require logic and creativity, anyone can solve them.


The Challenge Room Escape has a fascinating storyline. Participants enter the story and are excited to solve all puzzles. The Challenge Room is equipped with objects, hints, drama and suspense. Not scary and suitable for all ages. The adrenaline through the experience affects the whole body.

 Enter a World of 
Imagination & Adrenaline 
Challenge Rooms
The Hottest Game !!!
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